Pursuing and developing exploration project opportunities in Latin America

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Message from President and CEO

Welcome! Petro-Victory Energy Corp. designed this Website in order to inform our readers, the general public, prospective Investors and shareholders about our Company, Business and Projects. We are proud to present our Company to you through this Website.

Our shareholder's satisfaction is key to our growth. We hope all will receive from Petro-Victory Energy Corp. and this Website, some quality information about our Company that will meet your expectations regarding our project portfolio, history, development strategy, goals and needs.

We are confident that we will meet today’s and tomorrow’s expectations of our shareholders for the successful development of our project portfolio, with special emphasis on the Pirity Project, during its complete life cycles. We have done this from the very early stages of the concession negotiations/awards, and we will continue doing the necessary work up to the final technical and financial success of our Projects. We are committed to developing our Projects with professionalism in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We will work with efficiency throughout the complete development of our Projects’ cycles, looking to fulfill our present and future commitments and goals, defining the ideal strategy which should be implemented going forward in order to succeed, marrying our knowledge, experience and methods to our Projects’ specifications, and arriving at solutions uniquely suited to our needs, requirements and shareholders' expectations.

We are committed to work as a very cohesive team in order to succed as a Company. We are confident that we will succesfully achieve our goals within our pre-defined terms and time schedules.

We believe that our experience and know-how, honed in the very demanding Oil & Gas Sector, can be put to effective use in the successful development of our Company’s project portfolio.

Our continued success as a company depends upon our overall project development strategy, our Management Team dedication, and our daily work. We are confident that we will gain our shareholders' satisfaction and lead our company to success.

Richard Francis Gonzalez
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board