Pursuing and developing exploration project opportunities in Latin America

About Us

Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission is to use our knowledge and expertise in order to create value for our shareholders by succeeding in the development of our Company’s Exploration Projects as well as in the search for suitable new Projects and Business Opportunities located in Latin America. We will do our work implementing competent, creative, comprehensive, and cost-effective strategies tailored to enhance the value of our Company’s assets in a safe, transparent manner.

Our Mission is to succeed in doing our job by continuously working with professionalism and integrity, while delivering value to our Company’s Projects and Businesses and executing our work in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We do understand that our continued success as a Company depends upon our business strategies, tactical and technical decisions, and upon our daily work.

Our Mission is to enhance our shareholders’ business positions and assets through our work on their behalf, and consider such enhancement as the main and primary vehicle for leveraging our future position as a Company in this competitive industry.


Petro-Victory Energy Corp. aims to evolve and continue evolving as a sound, profitable organization, acting with integrity and professionalism to protect the interests of all of our members, our employees and our shareholders. We intend for our Company to continue enhancing its market position throughout Latin America, while focusing on the premise that sustainable growth is the key ingredient for its business success.

We plan to have in Petro-Victory Energy Corp. a company that uses sound project management, and the effective integration of capital resources toward delivering Project value to our shareholders. We will be continuously guided by the principal that we were hired first and foremost to enhance our Company’s assets and positions, and to advance the professional growth of our employees as the means to accomplish that.

The Company does its competent work by:

  • continuously investing in equipment, personnel, methods and procedures in order to improve its performance and enhance its ability to better develop Projects;

  • seeking to identify prospective new project business opportunities and to successfully develop the existing ones, in order to evolve through time and succeed by fulfilling its shareholders expectations;

  • rigorously understanding its projects’ needs, requirements and all Project and Business attributes, while being conscious of its own limitations and investment constraints;

  • rigorously protecting all the Confidential Data saved and managed in its database systems; and

  • continuously investing in the development of its human resources.

Our Management Team does its competent work by:

  • serving the Company with professionalism and integrity, executing all the necessary tasks in a timely manner and delivering positive results to the shareholders while creating Value for their businesses and businesses’ assets; 

  • nourishing a company culture built on the belief that mastering the business strategies, tactical and technical decisions, and ordinary daily tasks is the springboard for achieving amazing results.