Pursuing and developing exploration project opportunities in Latin America

Corporate Business


Petro-Victory Energy Corp. is continuously facing key business challenges, monitoring and eagerly increasing Company’s share value, and maintaining strict budgetary controls that ensure healthy returns on capital investment.

It is important for the Company to identify the type of projects and prospects to pursue, and the countries and locations on which to focus, as well as to wisely apply the right resources and strategies while using a cost effective combination of technical and financial resources in order to succeed in this risky business and highly competitive market.

The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the exploration for, and the acquisition and development of, oil and natural gas resources in South America, primarily in Paraguay and, if the Asset Acquisitions are successfully completed as expected, will also be engaged in such activities in Brazil and Guyana. The Company has a 36% working interest in the Pirity Block located in Paraguay where an exploration drilling Campaign is currently underway.

The Company wants to meet a range of business challenges in pursuing and developing exploration and production projects in Latin America, including safety, security and environmental requirements. One of these challenges is to understand the idiosyncrasies of each local exploration area, while still focusing on its mission and vision, and strategically prioritizing projects and available resources.