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Any registered company or individual will have direct and open access to all the general information as well as the Company's Active Investor related information presented at this Website, but whenever they want to access this information shall log-in (each time) at this Website.

Petro-Victory Energy Corp., as part of its security and accessibility policies, from time to time and at Company's own discretion, without prior notice, may make changes to all or some of the passwords which are assigned to Registered Investors. Whenever this occurs, it will be the Active Investor's responsibility to request a new password in order to be able to access the Log-in Section of the Website.

Access to Website by General Public, Visitors, Prospective Investors and All Users

As stated above, Company has designed this Website to be as accessible as possible for the general public, visitors, prospective investors and all users. In general, access to this Website is a very simple and standard procedure. Company is herein providing some general guidelines and certain recommendations to General Public, visitors and prospective investors for accessing to this Website.

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