Pursuing and developing exploration project opportunities in Latin America

Corporate Governance

Goverance Overview

Petro-Victory Energy Corp. proactively adopted transparency, governance and control practices to clearly ensure good corporate governance in order to generate confidence among shareholders and other stakeholders, and to ensure business sustainability and success.

Business sustainability is a business approach focused on generating value for shareholders and other stakeholders, through the use of opportunities and adequate management of risks stemming from economic, environmental and social changes. The Company is sustainable because it includes a set of economic, social and environmental criteria within corporate management, which determines the Company’s ability to generate long term value and respond effectively to global challenges. 

The primary responsibility of the Board is to appoint competent Management and to oversee the Management of the Company with a view to maximizing Shareholder value and ensure corporate conduct in an ethical and legal manner through an appropriate system of corporate governance and internal controls.

In order to encourage and promote a culture of ethical business conduct, the Board has adopted a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and a Whistleblower Policy.

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