About Petro-Victory

Petro-Victory Energy Corp. is a publicly traded oil and gas company that is engaged in the acquisition and development of crude oil and natural gas resources in Brazil. Petro-Victory holds working interests in forty-one (41) licenses totaling 272,912 acres in two (2) oil producing basins in Brazil.  Petro-Victory’s strategy is to produce substantial returns to our shareholders by building an on-shore upstream asset acquisition and development company focused on disciplined investment in high potential, low-risk assets.

Petro-Victory Energy Corp. was incorporated under the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (British Virgin Islands) on May 20, 2014. The British Virgin Islands were selected for the Company’s domicile based on favorable business laws, tax laws, and relationships with Canada, the United States and most Latin American countries.

Initiating our Brazilian operations in 2017, Petro-Victory has acquired a well-rounded portfolio of under-developed on-shore assets across four proven basins.  Our business strategy is simple:

  • Acquire assets that are under-valued
  • Assess, analyze, and update the geological and geophysical analysis
  • Develop independent auditable reserve reports
  • Develop and execute drilling and work programs that maximize near and long-term production
  • Methodically grow our low-cost and high margin production
  • Methodically grow our proven reserves
  • Convert under-developed assets into high-value and high-margin production



  • 98% increase in Independently Certified 2P Reserves of 4.518 Million Barrels of Oil and PV10 Valuation of CAD$223,432,500 (USD$178,730,000)
  • Acquired 19 Oil Blocks Increasing Brazil Portfolio to 257,604 Acres (1,042 km2)
  • ESG initiative and signs contract to build Solar Project at the Andorinha Oil Field
  • Sign Drilling Rig Contract for 2022 Multi-Well Program


  • Received Development Drilling Permits and Advances Drilling Program in Brazil


  • 2022 TSX Venture 50 Winners Virtually Open the Market
  • $11CAD Million Private Placing


  • Closure of a New US$5 Million Secured Debt Facility


  • Acquired remaining 50% working interest and full operation of the São João oil field adding 787,00 2P BO Reserves and PV10 value of $25 million


  • Appointed T. Lynn Bryant to the Board of Directors
  • Appointed Gneiss Energy in the United Kingdom as our exclusive investment advisor.


  • 1st Certified Reserve Report, 2.8 Million 2P BO

Assumed Andorinha Operatorship

Lagoa Parda and Espírito Santo Divestment to ENP - 5X Return.

Sao Joao Field SJ-06 Well Online

Qualification for Petrobras "Gondwana" Divestiture

Sao Joao Field Brought Online

4th Acquisition - 3 Fields Petrobras Divestment

3rd Acquisition - 16 Blocks ANP Auction Potiguar Basin

ANP Qualified Type-C Operator Onshore

Binding Bid Petrobras Divestment

Non-Binding Bid Petrobras Divestment

2nd Acquisition 5 Blocks

1st Acquisition 4 Field Farm-In

Brazil Subsidiary Formation