Why Brazil

Brazil is the largest oil producer in South America, the ninth largest
global oil producer, seventh largest oil consumer, and has the largest
recoverable ultra-deep oil reserves in the world.

Significant energy reforms, frequent oil finds, along with recent and
future oil bidding rounds have attracted International Oil Companies
(IOCs) from around the world to bid on opportunities in Brazil.

Petrobras is looking to sell under its ongoing divestment
program. They include upstream offshore and onshore oil fields as well
as downstream facilities. Divestment teasers can be viewed
at investidorpetrobras.com.br

Opportunities also exist to bid on the Open Acreage program of
onshore and shallow water blocks under permanent offer by ANP, as it
can be seen at: rodadas.anp.gov.br

In-Country Business Development Since 2016

Operational Foundation Established

  • Entity: Petro-Victory Energia
  • Banking:  Santander and Caixa Econômica Federal
  • Legal: Machado Meyer
  • Regulatory: Agencia National de Petroleo
  • Operating: Class C Operator

Assets Acquired - 41 Blocks and 272,912 acres in 2 basins

Significant Pipeline of Targeted Assets

  • Brazil produces 2.93MM barrels of oil per day and 135MM m3/d of gas, total of 3,778 MMboe/d
  • Onshore production May-2021 of 90,000 barrels of oil per day and 22.8MM m3/d of natural gas (3.1% and 16.9% of total Brazil production, respectively).
  • From 2012-2020, Brazil’s onshore daily oil production dropped by 50%.
  • The onshore production decline over the last ten years is due to the change in focus of Petrobras away from onshore production which presents tremendous upside for emerging independent operators.
Onshore Production
Onshore Production Decline
  • 1P onshore reserves declared in 2020 are 457.8 million BO and 77 billion m3 of natural gas.
  • 3P plus contingent resources equate to 1.05 billion BO and 102 billion m3 of natural gas.
  • 1P & 3P reserves constitutes only known commercial fields.
  • Only 5% of onshore Brazil sedimentary basins are currently licensed, there are considerable oil reserves still to be found across Brazil.
Onshore Exploration Wells
Onshore Upside Potential

Onshore oil fields have government royalties ranging from 5% to 10% enabling higher production netbacks.

Ongoing Petrobras auctions of significant portfolios of both onshore and shallow water oil & gas fields present growth opportunities.

Four rounds completed in 2019 and three completed in 2021 provided growth opportunities and enabled portfolio development with low capital expenditures, with further bidding rounds planned for 2022 and beyond.

Favorable pricing tied to Brent, sold at the well head with no transportation costs.